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June 11th to 13th, 2021 - ONLINE PRE-FESTIVAL
Celebrating Wellness in the Kootenays


"The Kootenay Yoga Festival would like to acknowledge that we live and work on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of Sinixt Peoples. We make this acknowledgment to show our respect for the təmxʷulaʔxʷ (homeland), and Sinixt Nation. It is a privilege to be here and we are mindful of how we carry ourselves today, to demonstrate our intentions to honour this land, water, and all beings. With much gratitude to call this place home, we invite those reading this to explore their own relationship this beautiful land.”



The Kootenay Yoga Festival is a boutique yoga, wellness & art festival. This weekend of unity will bring together people from all ages in the West Kootenays to celebrate our mutual love & respect for yoga, holistic healing, creativity and nature.


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You miss the festival? No worries, you can still buy the access to the Membership Portal to watch the classes registered online.

Behind the scene


The Kootenay region has been a hub for many years in regards to alternative healing modalities. In the larger towns of Nelson, Castlegar and Trail alone, there is already an incredible amount of successful yoga & fitness studios, day spas, dispensaries, green businesses, healthy restaurants & alternative medicine clinics, not to mention hundreds of private practitioners who offer a variety of healing services. Our intention is to build a strong & loving bridge between our surrounding communities & local businesses as a way to connect & provide access to all who wish to explore mindful living. This all-ages weekend festival will offer all who attend an opportunity to dip their toes into an array of classes & workshops (such as yoga, dance, breathwork, meditation, sound bathing and more), educational talks & more. KYF will be hosted 100% online this year so an unlimited number of attendants can participate from their own homes. During these times of intensity in our world, we see that more folks are in need of connection & purpose along with education to support optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We believe that this festival will bring more health, happiness and abundance to our local communities.



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KYF offers different range of sponsorship opportunities.
Contact us to discuss sponsoring the event.


Cindy Spratt

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Eating Psychology Counselor & Eating Disorder Recovery Coach specializing in Culinary Nutrition. Through workshops & teaching, working with kids, individual counsel and retreats, I weave my areas of expertise by infusing nutritional education with emotional guidance and culinary passion. It is my mission to help individuals make realistic, long-term, and sustainable life changes for thriving health.

“Eat to Feel Good. Feel Good About Eating”

Kitchen apron crop.jpeg

Terry Sidhu

I was born in the UK, my family origin is Indian and I was raised in a Sikh household. Meditation is integral to the Sikh way of life, and it was my mother who taught me how to practice when I was 9 years old. I started teaching meditation when my life coaching clients started asking me for tips on how to manage depression and anxiety, and how to become “more spiritual”. As demand for meditation lessons grew, in 2019 I moved to Nelson B.C. to teach meditation full time. I have since released a book called Meditate: Breathe into Meditation and Awaken Your Potential, and have helped over 200 clients around the world develop a personal meditation practice. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy writing, hiking, meditating—especially when I have a weekend to complete a tantric ritual—and discussing and debating solutions to life’s biggest problems.

IG @meditatethebook


Troy Bingham

Nomadic by nature, I spent my earlier years looking for my home, that place to set roots in the ground, my slice of heaven I can return to at any time.  

I found my home in the West Kootenay and have never felt more connected to place.  I found that my practice grew from personal, into one that I needed to share. 

I want to share my love of Yoga with everyone. I teach with easy anatomical cueing to make everyone, regardless of experience, feel safe, strong and supported.

Kootenay Sol Yoga


Eymie Labbé

Having a nomadic lifestyle for the past 5 years, I had the opportunity to go to the school of life where I learned ancient wisdom, accomplished 200 TTC in Guatemala as well as Reiki Gran Master - 9 Levels, I lived 4 months in an Ashtanga Ashram in Mexico where I experienced deeply the 8 Limbs and lived a minimalism lifestyle. I arrive in Nelson a year ago and found the community I was looking for. Today I am entirely devoted to human well-being and to conscious movement. Every month of November I welcome women in Mexico for a retreat with My Sacred Light. Each week in Nelson you can join me experiencing a unique Candlelit Yin Yoga & Reiki class.

Tahni Fornes

I am passionate about inspiring and supporting people to live a more joyful and connected life!  I am a clinical counsellor and somatic psychotherapist, as well as a bodyworker, spiritual embodiment coach, transformational group leader and registered yoga teacher. I specialise in helping people heal from trauma and repattern their nervous systems, working with attachment theory and polyvagal theory.  Learn more at

Tahni Fornes.jpg

Alison Evin

Alison Evin is an Ayurvedic practitioner & health coach with a focus on helping busy professionals fight chronic fatigue using herbal medicine, healthy food and holistic lifestyle habits. She grew up on the riverside between Nelson & Castlegar (Sinixt territory) in a Russian-Doukhobor household. Alison considers herself a nomad & student of life. She spent time in India where she completed trainings in Ayurveda, yoga, massage & Reiki healing. She currently lives in Mexico and continues to deepen her knowledge around herbalism, mycology, permaculture & bio-construction.

Find out more about Alison on her website


Melissa Knoop

I see myself as a movement alchemist; at home with exploring the inner workings of the body, mind and spirit through conscious body breath movement.  Infusing aspects from Sivananda Yoga, Sadhana Yoga Chi, Eden Energy Medicine and Chi Gong; I create a flavor of yoga that deeply energizes, opens the heart, and hears the calling of the Self.  My first Ashtanga class twenty three years ago, was love at first Savasana!  With nearly two decades of yoga studies, 700 plus hours of teacher training and various courses in energy work, my quest of holistic alignment, and personal evolution, inspires a safe space where all levels are supported and welcomed with love.  “Om Shanti!”


Nikki Cole

I love being in community offering the gifts I have been curing over the last decade. I took most holistic certifications in Kelowna B.C. where I gave birth to 3 beautiful Gems that continue to teach me how to fully show up in this world!  I have been running my Holistic fitness and arts business Movewithnikki, for the last 5 years in the Kootenays. Facilitating mindful practices together in a safe container with playful games, great music, and new ways to move these glorious bodies is my passion. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have a super sensual and soulful time during the Kootenay Yoga fest. Looking forward to meeting and sharing time with you all. Much Love.

FB & IG:

Amy Heasman

I was born & raised in East London, UK. 300hr Yoga Teacher, Self Empowerment Guide, Entrepreneur & Musician with over 15+ years of experience.

I now live & play amongst the natural beauty of the Kootenays, Canada. Yoga has expanded my entire belief system to enable me to show up with more compassion, humility, respect and most importantly laughter. Mindful & empowered practices provide us with tools to connect with and integrate the deeper layers of ourselves. With greater awareness comes presence, with presence comes intention and with intention comes the natural ability to align with our true intuitive guidance. My affinity with music has also evolved into my offerings. I believe sound & vocal vibrations have the capacity to heal the unheard parts of us. It builds clear communication, removes stagnant energy & opens our energetic centres to call in more self respect, authenticity & purpose. I am devoted to expressing my creativity, exploring nature and working on collaborative projects.


Instagram: @chantra_yoga



Susan Williams

Suze Mercado is an intuitive yoga teacher and transpersonal art therapist with a background in trauma-informed yoga and art therapy.  She merges the healing powers of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and art through an interdisciplinary practice with creative transitions and thoughtful cues that prioritize the safety of the students. Her classes are infused with sensitivity, choice, and focus on regulating the nervous system so students will leave the mat feeling strong, balanced, and renewed. She took her 200 hr yoga training with Bambu Hot Yoga in 2018 and graduated from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in 2020. She has been teaching and continuing to study ever since, driven by her desire to share these powerful practices and bring transformation and healing to her community.


Leah Brown

I have traveled the planet in search of adventure and spiritual connections, and am so grateful to have found such a special community here in the Kootenays. One that has fostered my love for creating experiences for others exploring the earths magic places and their deeper selves. I received my YTT 200 in Mexico and am currently enrolled in a local YTT 300 journey to explore the more subtle aspects of kundalini, pranayama and mediation.  My teaching style is a combination of hatha, yin and flow classes, mixing in earth based meditations and chakra balancing.  Through my business, Footsteps adventures and Yoga in the Mountains retreats I am dedicated to helping others find peacefulness through yoga, nature therapy, outdoor recreation & holistic wellness. 


More info

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Tyson Bartel

Tyson began his journey into Yoga 30 years ago with world travels that eventually led to Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and Yoga Ashrams in India. He studied Thai massage in Thailand and various Yoga traditions in Rishikesh and beyond.  In 2001 he completed the 4 year Feldenkrais teacher training in Sun Valley, Idaho. in recent years, Tyson has been training in Somatic Relational Therapy. He practices Somatic Bodywork in Winlaw and Kaslo while developing online content for his evolving expression of Somatics based Yoga Therapy. * FB Tyson Bartel * IG sacredearthsomatics

Shelley Tomelin

I am Shelley Tomelin.  I am a lover of life, natural beauty , health + happy wellness.

I wear many hats; I am a healer, trauma informed coach + embodied wisdom leader.
Currently inspiring and leading women (+ men) to connect back to their natural healing superpowers, creative juiciness + intuitive knowings.

I am a mom to 2 charismatic kids, love being in nature and every morning take a cup of coffee, out to the forest to journal and set my day.


Gabriel Keczan

I am an embodiment and personal freedom coach for men. I practice somatic trauma therapy and weave teachings from martial arts, embodied mythic imagination, movement, rhythm and breathwork.  I practice Heart Yoga in the Hatha tradition, which is a practices that includes the union of yoga and mysticism. Born in Grimsby Ontario, I have been living in the Kootenays for 20 years and am a Father and step Father.  I wrote a free, downloadable eBook for men called Alive On Purpose: 4 Keys for Men to Thrive in Life, Love & Business. I am releasing my next book in summer 2021.

GabrielKeczan-10 copy.png

Lisa Matthews

I'm a Highly Sensitive Soul who loves exploring the intersection between our souls, our bodies, and the teachings of Mother Nature. I support Highly Sensitive People and empaths who are on a conscious journey of discovering their gifts and building an intentional life. I help HSPs learn how to nourish their nervous system and soothe their spirit by accessing their grounded intuition, so that they can walk their own unique path.

I’m a Flower Essence Practitioner and a Registered Craniosacral Therapist who's been in the healing arts for over a decade with a background as a Registered Nurse. I’m the host of the Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast, and I hold circles and workshops every month on Earth-based spirituality and sacred care of the Self.


Instagram and FB: @CombinationHealing


SuryaAdi Higham

I have been a teacher of kundalini yoga for 5 years now.  But I have practiced yoga for 45 years mostly doing Iyengar style yoga.  During a kundalini yoga class I had  a profound experience of a massive amount of energy moving through my hands. Kundalini then became my passion. 

The study of kundalini yoga has led to studying various forms of energy medicine and I incorporate several of them into most classes. It still amazes me that such simple routines can have such profound effects. 

The practice of yoga has allowed me to stay healthy and vital into my seventies.  It will do the same for anyone who commits to a daily practice. Which is what I hope to inspire YOU to do.  

Karuna Erickson

I have been a psychotherapist as well as a devoted yoga teacher for over 50 years. I love combining these two passions by teaching yoga workshops, teacher trainings and retreats which focus on the interconnectedness of body, heart, mind, and spirit. I have written a book with Andrew Harvey on this sacred marriage of yoga and mysticism called Heart Yoga. I see yoga practice as a loving and gentle way for us to nurture and listen to ourselves, and care for ourselves with tenderness and compassion. I am greatly inspired by mindfulness and lovingkindness practice, the mystical traditions of all the world's ancient wisdom traditions, and the beauty and community spirit of the Kootenays where I have lived with my family since the early 1970's.


Charlotte Heapy

I am originally from Bristol in the UK where I studied Physiotherapy at University of The West of England. In 2014 I came to Canada with my partner Mike. I am the owner and operator of Rooted Shala Physiotherapy and Aerial Yoga in Blewett, which is now a Registered Yoga School and Registered Physiotherapy Clinic. I am a fully registered Physiotherapist and I am registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance at the GOLD level designation. This means I have over 1000 hours teaching experience and over a 1000 hours yoga education. I am a firm believer in anatomy, science, biomechanics and the subtle and energetic body. I make it my work to connect the west and east methods of healthcare to combine both systems into one - in order to fully work with mind, body and spirit. I truly believe that if you are able to give your body the right environment in which to heal then you have the power to heal it from within. Let us unite!

bio photo teaching PNG file.png

Shawn Fisher

I’m Shawn Fisher and Paponeireau is the name I chose for my solo project when I moved to the Kootenay mountains of British Columbia. My ambient violin soundscapes invites listeners to feel, letting go of everything that weighs heavy on their heart. I use the violin and a looping pedal to improvise songs and meditative soundscapes. My improvised music uses extended technique to emulate nature, transporting listeners to ghostly forests and windy beaches. I am exploring the use of binaural beats in my music for healing, dreaming, and meditation. My first release, Mantis Moon, was self-produced at my home in Winlaw, and I will be releasing another homegrown-single called Breathe. It was recorded while frogs croaked through the open window of my living room, so when I hear that come through in the mix it transports me right back to that moment of bliss playing the piano for my sleepy friends. Breathe will be released June 5th, 2021.

Ellissa Crête.png

Ellissa Crête

My journey as a therapist in the healing arts has paralleled my exploration of the mind body connection through Yoga asana and Vipassana meditation in Canada and in India. I have been teaching weekly Yoga classes in Nelson since 2010. I offer dynamic Hatha Yoga and relaxing Restorative Yoga, accessible to all levels. My classes weave together an exploration of postural alignment, breathwork, and meditation. In 2010, I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training inspired by the Iyengar method under the guidance of Hart Lazer at United Yoga Montreal. 90

I am also a BC registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine offering services in Acupuncture, Herbology, Tuning Forks, and Massage in Nelson. An experienced Bodyworker, I have an affinity with Zen Shiatsu and Thai-Yoga Massage. I strive to create a compassionate healing space that touches body, heart, and spirit. Info

Justine Kaufmann

Yoga has been a rich part of my life for the last 10 years, and the practice has taught me the importance of cultivating mind-body awareness for greater felt and expressed harmony.  I’m passionate about creating a nurturing and inclusive space for all folks and I feel deeply that yoga is a practice for everyone.

 I embarked on my teaching journey 6 years ago when I completed my 200YTT at Yandara with Christopher Perkins and Nicolina Sandstelt. Since then, I am grateful to have learned from inspiring Teachers such as Kristin Campbell, Nicole Marica, Bernie Clark, Diana Batts and Jonah Kest. I love to combine creative sequencing, body awareness and self inquiry in my classes to encompass a practice that is both playful and introspective.

I offer deep acknowledgment and honour of the thousand year old yogic tradition originating from India. I honor and respect the Indigenous peoples on whose land we meet; and acknowledge that I live on the traditional ancestral lands of the Sinixt (Lakes), the Syilx (Okanagan), and the Ktunaxa peoples.


Danielle Hachey

200 RYT, Pre & Postnatal, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Co-Owner of Madhu Wellness Collective, Co-Founder of Feathers and Fur Experiences.

I am forever grateful to this practice and lifestyle of yoga, and to the many teachers who have guided me on this journey for the past 15 years.  I came to yoga to help heal and realign her body and to feel more connected to the unexplainable and the timeless. I practice and teach yoga to bring a quality of depth and ritual to every day. Whether it be honouring the lunar cycle, paying homage to a challenging day in the surf, or preparing for the change of the season… I value meeting each day and student as is.

With playfulness and sincerity, I offer a series of classes, workshops and retreats that address season with story.  With deep respect to the ancient lineages and traditions of yoga I invite you to come explore on your mat!



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 Ginger DJ

I have been selecting and playing music in the Kootenay's  and abroad for the past 25 years. 

My vinyl collection started on Vancouver Island in the late 1990's and has continued and transformed into the digital era.

I really love dancing and moving and this is what brought me to DJ'ing essentially. 

You may have hung out with the Meow Mix ladies over the years on the dancefloor. 

Our group was formed in the early 2000's and that is one of my most favorite projects, playing together creating dance spaces together.

I love the feeling of music supporting feelings of stillness and travel at the same time. I like to bridge cultures, continents and different worlds and how they can come come together through music.

Tarek Bibi

Tarek Bliss Bibi is an Indigo Child. He has changed the lives of over 1,000,000 people worldwide. He works with business women and individuals on the spiritual path to help them Thrive Doing What They Love! He is a healers healer. Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality, that is being recognized as one of the most powerful healing modalities out there, he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their hearts desires with infinite ease and grace even if they have not been able to achieve their results elsewhere.



Tarek Bibi, aka. Mr. Miraculous is the founder of the Infinite Academy helping light workers earn 6 figures or more from their passions, is a Conscious rap artist, touring and performing his hiphop healing at music festivals. He helps you transcend your emotional and psychological blocks from their root cause, to help you Live your Life Miraculously!


Alex Leffelaar

Alex is a Kootenay-bred musician and recent environmental engineering graduate. Currently working in local climate change initiatives, he enjoys connecting and exploring healthy relationships with our natural and human communities. As an outdoor enthusiast he spends most of his time exploring, foraging, and clambering around on rock faces just to ‘get to the top’ or searching for waist-deep turns in the backcountry. He’s excited for this opportunity to network and participate in a weekend of healing and inspiration.

Music is the language of the soul!


June 11th to 13th, 2021 - ONLINE PRE-FESTIVAL
Celebrating Wellness in the Kootenays



I’ve been blessed to discover & play with mama music since early childhood in Lebanon. I grew up speaking Arabic, French & English which allows me to sing in those languages & exposes me to distinct sounds from different parts of the world. As my journey began I was singing in choirs, bands and the conservatory while in High School and then went to hunter college in NYC for a music major in classical training as a vocalist. Our band worked on different kinds of artistic projects, collaborations, performances & joined a circus to accompany the acrobatic acts with music. We mainly worked night life so I had the opportunity to improvise & jam with DJs and producers playing the parties and shows, that brought me to understand in myself that as a musician I would love to play rhythm and melodies producing music to sing on. Raving & Love brought me to the Kootenays where the magic happens where I met Joaquin & we formed our band ayajoaqua & where I am gradually building my studio learning production. 


Insta @aya1993

(Aya njeim)


I was born in a small mud house on the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico. My father was a gigging musician, so naturally the home was filled with instruments, practices and jams. One of my earliest memories is chilling in the Bass drum of my dads drum kit. He would put a nice pillow in there so when id had enough i could just crawl in and go to sleep. The muted bass seemed as comforting as a human heartbeat. This is where my love of music started.

When I moved to the kootenays 20 years ago I was exposed to turntables for the first time and knew i had to have a go. I have been playing ever since. I love how music transcends all differences and brings people together the world over. One of my favourite things on the planet is a dance floor full of smiling sweaty people really getting down.



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