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Vivian Hughan

Born flipping, jumping & climbing in her mom's tummy, acrobat Vivian Hughan has inherent passion for creative movement. Growing up as a gymnast and avid outdoor enthusiast, her main interests keep her active in aerial acrobatics, partner acrobatics, gymnastics, climbing, skiing, dance and yoga. Vivian lives in Nelson, BC where she coaches at Glacier Gymnastics, trains at Discover Circus and is an acro-yogi & aerialist with her performance group, Acromada. 

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Acro Yoga Foundations

Workshop description: Come learn to fly, base and spot the basics of acro yoga in this fun, playful, safe environment! We'll teach you the basic terminology and the foundational skills to be able to play together, develop strength and kinesthetic awareness, create your own flow, or use it for its therapeutic benefits. Prerequisites required: ability to smile! 

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