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Tonya Don

I am a Wholistic Sex and Relationship Coach, Witch, and Mother. The intention of my work is to bridge the gap between the masculine and feminine and restore humans’ innate capacity to feel pleasure in every cell of their body. My passion is guiding others into discovering and living their true and authentic expression. Through somatic embodiment practices, meditations, and breathwork, I assist clients in understanding their conditioning and to integrate direct or indirect trauma. These processes can facilitate a lighter and more energetic self to emerge. I believe that when the relationship to self is rooted in love and compassion, we will attract the life that we are craving. 

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Liberate Your Authentic Self: Explore Your Relationship to Emotions

When emotions get labeled as “wrong” we will do anything to avoid them in ourselves and/or in others. This can create a layer of inauthenticity and can wreak havoc on life’s pleasures, keeping us from knowing what we truly want. By becoming conscious of these patterns, you can change them. This workshop introduces and provides tools to help understand emotional maturity.

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