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Terry Sidhu

Talwinder Sidhu (He/Him/Terry), Founder, Moon Meditation inc., was introduced to meditation at 9 years old and learned the majority of his practice through Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu philosophies. 


He has also authored two bestsellers, Meditate: Breathe into meditation and awaken your potential, and, The Meditation Kit: A beginners guide to items for a safe space, and has taught thousands of people worldwide how to meditate, clear mental health struggles, and improve their spiritual well-being.


Terry reaches a large audience through online group classes, live webinars, and creating content on TikTok. He also specializes in developing meditation techniques for neurodivergent people and works one-to-one with clients living with significant mental health challenges such as CPTSD and DPDR.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
5 Steps to Meditation

Whether you're meditating to improve your mental health, start a self-healing journey, or seeking transcendence, the '5 Steps to Meditation' class will teach you the fundamental components you need to go beyond the present moment and back, safely. From breathing to integration, the class is easy-to-follow and suitable for all levels of practice.

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