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Tahni Fornes

Tahni Fornes RTC is a somatic psychotherapist and bodyworker in private practice in Nelson, B.C.  

She specializes in supporting people in healing from trauma, especially the hurts and patterns that come from not being met well by our childhood caregivers.  She helps people to create a more loving relationship with themselves, repattern their nervous systems, learn healthy and effective communication, and self-actualize into the full aliveness of their embodied essence!  Her area of expertise includes polyvagal theory and attachment theory. 

She is passionate about this beautiful work!

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offerings
Council ~ the art & practice of speaking and listening from the heart

Come sit in the dynamic and powerful ancient technology of the talking circle.  Practice presence, grounding, deep listening and authentic sharing.  Take your place in the circle and help weave resilient heart connected community.

Presence is Love ~ building a skill set for relational intimacy

Learn how to deepen into embodied presence and cultivate a relational skill set for healthy connecting with self and other. Have fun learning how to track the cues in your bodymind!  Practice meeting what arises within you with love.  Develop a working understanding of concepts such as Attunement, Co-regulation and Self-regulation. Become a better friend, partner, and parent!

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