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Soniko Waira

Soniko is a Musician, Shamanic Priest & Visionary walking the path of "the Wise Human" on Pachamama.

He is the creator of the Heart Map Experience and the founder of the VisionaryTRiBE, a school of visionary shamanic arts. For the past 2 decades, he has been walking on a magical path of connection between Spirit & Pachamama, co-creating with conscious intention the Sacred Space of the Heart. He's a Kokopelli, a seed carrier. His purpose in life is to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness by sharing the seeds of the galactic indigenous consciousness anywhere he goes.


Here, you can find my extended bio

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
7 Andean codes as the key for the expansion of human consciousness

What is your unique viewpoint of the universe?

For Andean people, this is the main question that every individual is here to learn about. To answer this question, the Andean Inca wisdom has 7 principles: genetic activation codes kept guarded for many centuries until this time, when human beings are ready to embody their own divinity and manifest a new era of harmony again. These codes teach us about our capacity to observe and reflect, understand and manifest, and

at the same time to be grateful towards Pachamama, Mother Existence, where time and space are generously intermingled, promoting life. They give us the key to take responsibility for our life and existence by showing us how universal energy works and applying it in our daily life to create the reality we want, stepping outside of the unconscious programs that have been running our current life

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