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Shuggy & Spice Band  June 12th 2022.JPG

Shuggy & Spice

The Shuggy & Spice members are, Shuggy Milligan on Vocals & Drum kit, Sarita Flores on Bass, Greggae Bee on Guitar, Partha Sarathi on Vocals & Keyboards, Leo Caprio on Vocals and Keyboards, Erika Sphinx on Vocals.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Reggae Music

"What is Reggae Music? Well, we have noted that it is music that always carries a message with an infectious dance rhythm. We have a of Love, Hope, Faith and people's ability to create Unity. Reggae is music Praising the Highest for the Love that is ascending and descending in the great reciprocal vibration that is Universal and for All. 

Shuggy & Spice take their work seriously and have been working very hard on fulfilling the job description with full hearts and soul. 


This band delivers a full set of solid Reggae Music that reflects tapping into that musical collective consciousness. Shuggy & Spice Reggae musical cup runneth over! "

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