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Poppy (or Molly Jo)

Poppy (or Molly Jo) is a local Selkirk graduate. She is inspired by a wide variety of artists including Simon & Garfunkel, Mac Demarco, & Alice Phoebe Lou.

Her style intertwines old time folk with a modern feel. Her love for intricate melodic phrases carries listeners through a hazy, heart opening journey, as her vulnerability pours in and out through her voice.

Sweet Pea Steve (or Alex)

Sweet Pea Steve (or Alex), is Kootenay-bred with a few rough edges. He helps manage the Moonflower Collective, an arts collective born from the recent periods of social isolation, and is passionate about sharing musical explorations with others. With a style inspired by K-OS and earlier hip-hop influencers, he brings an appreciation of lyrical intricacy broken up by humour, into a modern psychedelic jazz soup.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Poppy and the Pea Music Set

Poppy and the Pea, a darling duo, intend to take you on a journey through soundscapes and emotospheres where time and space intermingle with rhythm and harmony.

These two are sure to have you dancing, smiling, or trying to recall who exactly you are, and… well you’ll just have to wait and hear.

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