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Owen Nakamura

Owen Nakamura is a certified Organic Master Gardener who aims to provide all people the skills and knowledge on how to become more sustainable.  A warrior within the garden (some could say) Owen, aims to inspire more warriors to be more self-sustainable, self-reliant and self-aware of the environment around us. 


Paris will also be assisting with this workshop and brings her extensive knowledge of plant medicine and holistic nutrition. Together they will inspire people to deepen their relationship with the foods we eat and grow. 


Paris and Owen, The dynamic duo strive to educate and encourage the world to think and live more sustainably for themselves and for generations to come.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Sowing Seeds for The Future

Make your very own seed bombs and seed cards in this fun interactive workshop for all ages.


Seed bombs consist of mixing wildflower seeds with natural elements and turning them into little balls you can throw into your yards at home. Seed cards use recycled paper, water and wild flowers to make beautiful unique artwork you can write on and plant in the soil.


Both will sow flowers for future generations of pollinators that play a vital role in the health and wellness of all life on earth!

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