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Nikki Cole

Nikki Cole is the founder of Movewithnikki, A Holisitc Fitness And Arts Mobile Service. Her work includes Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Bellyfit, Group Fitness and Puppet Animation Art. She is inspired by the technical super body, science of positive psychology, Superfoods, The Vegas Nerve, Art and YOU!

Nikki Cole guides others to activate the entire body, connect the circuit of mind, heart, and gut, build immunity, create clarity, expand lung capacity and to find true balance within the human technical system.

Alternatively, you can find Nikkicole offering Holistic Workshops, Fitness and Yoga classes at Oranj and Fitbox in Castlegar B.C. 

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offerings
Kundalini Yoga ~ Self Realization

Kundalini Yoga is a living technology, constantly changing and growing. Like Kundalini we are the prophets of our own prophecy. The pioneers to explore the unknown until we know what we know. Our existence, why we were born, our purpose, is all here within us. 

This class opens us up to self-realize our own superhuman powers, to have the capacity to self-sense all of our operations and raise our awareness. With the power of our voice and body, we move through space and time through poses and chants of change. The role of the prophet is knowing that the joys and challenges of this life are all happening at this moment for a reason, to fully 


Bellyfit ~ Radical Nature

Created by Bellyfit® Trainer Nikkicole, this high-energy, deliciously grounding, and strengthening class offers a radical acceptance of our amazing bodies & the inclusivity of our natural World. Starting with cardio, the moves have plenty of bootie shaking to keep things flowing, all of which are enhanced by the Yoni Mudra, designed to calm and stabilize the nervous system as we continue to build connection to our core with Pilates inspired work. Closing with a fresh twist of yoga stretch as we can turn inward and connect to Source. 

Get ready to bounce, breathe and flow as we tune into the radical natural landscape of our innermost treasured beauty, say “yes” to get it and fight for it to celebrate our inclusivity!

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