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Aaron Korbacher/DJ Mochilero

Mochilero is a local DJ from Nelson of German-Chinese ancestry. Inspired by the creativity, interconnectedness, and diversity of the natural world, Mochilero strives to evoke a feeling of oneness on the dance floor by weaving together melodic, uplifting and soulful grooves. He mixes 4x4 beats as he loves the way a predictable beat encourages more explorative, thoughtful, and expressive dancing. His melodic, soulful, hypnotic, melancholic, and energetic grooves from all corners of the earth, inspire a fun, reflective and playful journey on the dance floor. Just over a year ago, Mochilero started hosting ecstatic-style dances through his group known as The Greater Groove. At Greater Groove hosts mostly fundraisers for organizations making a positive impact in the world, with a focus on social and environmental justice, and decolonization. You can find more information at

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offerings

4/4 Ecstatic Dance

Like traditional ecstatic dance, there is no talking, technology, and substances permitted during the dance. The 4/4 Ecstatic Dance strays away from traditional ecstatic dances in the musical selection. Mochilero will take you on an uplifting trip around the world while keeping a relatively steady and predictable 4/4 beat. This dance is for house music lovers and all those who want to connect and create on the dance floor. Play, laughter, flocking, hooting and hollering are all encouraged. You are invited to come as you are and co-create something incredible together.

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