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Marilyn Hatfield

Named Nelson’s Cultural Ambassador in 2020, Marilyn Hatfield is a performing artist, musician, vocalist, percussionist, drumming and dance instructor, artistic director, choreographer, and event organizer. 

After many years of studying, performing and teaching global drumming and dance arts, in 2012, Marilyn opened her dance and drumming school, Marilyn’s House of Rhythm and Dance, offering classes in Nelson, BC, and the Slocan Valley. She has been creating, recording and performing original music with local band, Soundserious as drummer and lead vocalist since the group’s inception in 2005. 

Marilyn is also the founder, director, choreographer and principal dancer of RhythmDance Drum Orchestra, a dynamic collective of drumming dancers. Additionally, in 2017 she began serving as coordinator and co-band leader of the Moving Mosaic Samba Band, Nelson’s community samba band. Marilyn has extensive experience empowering people of all ages to tap into their inner rhythm through drumming, percussion and dance.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Introduction to RhythmDance

RhythmDance is a powerful and uplifting dance workout that blends percussion, drumming, dance and song. Learn to dance while drumming, playing shakers, twirling canes and so much more. This introductory class is tailored for all skill levels. We will focus on low-impact movements, basic techniques and fun drumming patterns. Drums provided. 


Note: limited to about 18 participants (the number of drums I have), if more are registered, we can split into two 30min sessions.

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