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Leah Carnahan

Leah Carnahan has been sharing yoga in the Kootenays for 20 years. She brings a wealth of experience to the mat having practiced for a decade in the India Himalayas.  Her heartfelt classes are best described as welcoming, inspiring, safe, playful, grounding and peaceful. Leah feels that a balance of movement and stillness together bring a natural inspiration to every moment. While she facilitates gentle movement, she encourages those around her to listen to their inmost voice and make the postures their own. She feels that loving acceptance of the moment as it is and of yourself as you are, allows for the most rewarding practice. Read more about her style on the Workshop page.

Instagram: @lmcyoga
Facebook: Yoga with Leah, Grand Forks & Christina Lake, BC

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Spontaneous Yoga/ Gentle Movement

Loving acceptance, loving acceptance of the moment for what it is and yourself for exactly who you are brings the element of ease to the practice. 

In this workshop we will learn to move the body spontaneously between yoga postures. There are many helpful movements that help relax the body and prepare it for the next yoga pose. We will explore how our muscles relax more quickly when we use targeted massage on them during the pose. Learn to become intuitive and feel how free movement makes you feel more comfortable in your practice.

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