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Karuna Erickson

I have been a psychotherapist as well as a devoted yoga teacher for over 50 years. I love combining these two passions by teaching yoga workshops, teacher training and retreats which focus on the interconnectedness of body, heart, mind, and spirit. I have written a book called Heart Yoga, with Andrew Harvey, on this sacred marriage of yoga and mysticism. I see yoga practice as a loving and gentle way for us to nurture and listen to ourselves, and care for ourselves with tenderness and compassion. I am greatly inspired by mindfulness and loving kindness practice, the mystical traditions of all the world's ancient wisdom traditions, and the beauty and community spirit of the Kootenays where I have lived with my family since the early 1970's.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Yoga For Everyone: A Journey of Acceptance

Yoga practice is a path to welcome ourselves into the refuge and deep comfort of our true home; a way to embody the spirit that we are. Through a gentle yoga flow, we will practice meeting ourselves with kind attention and loving awareness, gradually releasing the habitual striving to do more and be different than we are. We then begin to return home to ourselves with acceptance and gratitude and settle into the peace and quiet joy of our true nature.  From this infinite wellspring of love, we will radiate inspiration and courage to our community.

Note: limited to about 18 participants (the number of drums I have), if more are registered, we can split into two 30min sessions.

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