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Kory Monteith

Practitioner Kory Monteith offers a wide range of modalities to heal the body mind and spirit.  Quantum Blood Analysis, Registered Holistic Allergist, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Lucia Light No. 3 Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner


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Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Lucia Light No.3 & Sacred Sound Meditation

AWAKEN your cellular structure w/ universal sacred geometry emitted by light & sound.  You are invited to recalibrate your nervous system, gain clarity, creativity & compassion via a combination of Lucia Light therapy offered by Kory from Golden Clear & living sacred soundscapes facilitated by Nadine Wildwood of SOMA Sound Studio. 

This journey invites you to explore hypnagogia, the magical space between wakefulness and sleep; powerful for deep relaxation, cosmic journeying, lucid dreaming, creative visioning, manifestation and more. Awaken your sense of wonder, find clarity, activate your pineal gland, experience inner peace, increased intuition & access flow state.

The Lucia Light is a hypnagogic light machine. This highly advanced meditation tool uses pulsing white LED lights which activate the pineal gland, creating theta and gamma brain wave states. Allowing the traveler to fall into deep meditative states and access higher states of consciousness in a matter of minutes without practice or training. This is a safe alternative to plant medicine or psychedelic therapy. Must be over 18 years of age, and not have any history of epileptic seizures or recent concussions.Note: limited to about 18 participants (the number of drums I have), if more are registered, we can split into two 30min sessions.

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