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June Palmer

June Palmer is the Owner/Operator of Mikwan Energy Works. Mikwan means Feather in her Cree language, a proud First Nations woman from Sturgeon Lake Alberta. June is an amazing Intuitive Healer with a passion for sound healing.  Mikwan is blessed with abilities to connect and assist you on your path to wellness, using different modalities and guidance from spirit, so that she may be of service to help people on their healing path.  FB  & IG Mikwan Energy Works

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Journey to Wellness Through Sound

Mikwan has a passion for using sound to help promote healing and relaxation. She leads you into guided meditation, while the energy of each Alchemy crystal bowl, fills the room and takes you onto a deep journey of connection to self. June’s mission is to connect with people and take them on a sound journey to wellness. Sound healing is older than time, our ancestors have used drums, rattles and songs to connect to spirit and self. The vibrations facilitate healing, as they hold space for the body to do what it already knows.  When overall peace and relaxation are being fostered, the body can heal itself. The Alchemy Crystal Bowls are pure magical and have a soothing and calming effect.  The healing frequencies touch on all levels of our energy centers, naturally bringing into energetic balance and alignment. 


Mikwan Energy Works -  will be on hand to offer by donation sound baths in the forest during the Kootenay Yoga Festival.

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