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Jenni Fortier

Jenni Lane has been a solo performance artist for 15 years and has been a member of the Circus Acts Insomniacs for nine years. She acquired her yoga teacher training certification in 2010 and meditation teacher training in 2016. 

Hula hooping has been one of her absolute favourite performance tools. Self-taught and lets her skills gain momentum as a vehicle to express herself and entertain and inspire others to create art. It has opened uncountable doors to experiences for me to travel and work alongside so many talented artists and musicians. Some of my skills range from multi-hooping, fire hooping, led performances, teaching hooping, building hoops, giant hoops, heart-shaped hoops, hula hooping on stilts, and even surfing on waves while hula hooping!

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Flowing in Spirals - A Fundamentals Hoop Class

Teaching the fundamentals of hula hoop flow. We will discuss the mental state of flow and the benefits it can bring to your mind, body and spirit. Bringing the yogic mind-body connection to physical flow states and finding new ways to learn to play and use our bodies. We will go over different hoop styles, and flow patterns and most importantly, hula hooping is the concept inspired by Anusara “The Golden Spiral.”  I will give hula hoop drills that students can build personal sequences upon with their own style and grace. Getting curious, play with new techniques, finding your own personal flow. We will be doing on-body hooping, off-body hooping, lifts, jumps, throws, stalls, and isolations while dancing to different styles and tempos of music.

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