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Janet Key

Guiding Women To Achieve Alignment, Abundance and Prosperity Soulful Money Coach Janet Key recognizes every woman’s birthright – to experience her own abundance and prosperity, to live her truth, and to share her unique gifts and talents. For her, a Prosperous Woman is expanding and growing in alignment with the highest version of herself and

discovering harmony in her life.


Born into an unstable home, Janet grew up without emotional and financial support from her father due to his mental illness. With a strong desire for happiness, healthy relationships and financial freedom, she healed as an adult, learning to trust life, tap into love and prosperity and help others do the same.


Janet helps clients master their money, identify self-sabotaging beliefs, and re-imprint themselves with new beliefs to make empowered choices. By understanding their strengths and creating healthy boundaries, women crack open, learning to courageously move through challenges and ignite hope for their own prosperity.

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Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Align Your Inner Money Compass

Most people walk around in their life, career, or business, not consciously connected to feeling about money that:

*Are Positive

*Honor their values

*Help them feel empowered

*Energize them into authentic, aligned action


As a result people often feel negative, out of sync with what is truly important to them, disempowered, or at the very least, not engaged or they are not taking action so time is slipping by without them achieving or experiencing what they want.


In this session, you will experience a guided visualization and a solution to transform how you think and feel about money.

You will get clear about what you value, and have specific powerful actions that you can take to make it easier for you to make life-changing decisions.


NOTE: If Possible

Prerequisites to Class: Complete Sacred Money Archetype assessment 

Link Provided.

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