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Jana Roemer

Jana Roemer has been teaching for over 14 years, starting in Edmonton and Calgary, AB - landed in Venice Beach, California for 7 years with a few other stops along the way, now quiety setting roots on the North Shore of Nelson for the past two years. Jana has taught everything from private sessions to public studio classes to classes with hundreds of people at Wanderlust Festival, Lightening In a Bottle, Wellspring and Oregon Eclipse Festival. She's facilitated international retreats and trainings (200 / 300 / Yoga Nidra), gathered Souls for New Moon circles for years at Love Yoga Space, is the creatrix of Astro Nidras, a synthesis of Astrology and Yoga Nidra which have been published in both Vanity Fair and Yoga Journal. 2015 was the birth of an online platform called Attune to the Moon where all the practices change to align with the current planetary positions and host New Moon circles. Jana is a long time publisher on Insight Timer with over 650K plays & a 10 day course called "Over Come Obsessive Thinking" with over 50K students. All those stats are nothing compared to the feeling of being seen and heard when in her presence. Jana's passion for astrology and love for humans is contagious and leaves people feeling inspired and connected with the wordless space within. Join her for this New Moon Circle to experience her for yourself!

Astro Nidras

IG: @jana_roemer

IG: @mindful_mamas

YouTube: Jana Roemer

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Libra New Moon Circle

The New Moon in Libra wants us to engage in (all our) relationships as a spiritual practice. The Sun & Moon are opposite Jupiter in Aries - the desire to cultivate healthy relationships in opposition to your drive to forge an individual path. Libra's exalted planet is Saturn, teaching us that opposition isn't bad. It's not even healthy to avoid. This New Moon opposition to Jupiter in Aries, presents an extraordinary opportunity to see another perspective, to grow and expand through really knowing who YOU are first as the foundation to healthy relationships. It might not be easy, but it's worth it. Plus, all of life is relationships. You're never not in relationship. Venus, Libra's ruler, is in Virgo asking you to really dive in to understand what being your best self really means to you. Join Jana for an unforgettable experience into the current astrology, ritual, embodiment practices and intention setting.

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