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KYF Holistic Meal

We are excited to announce that we are working with a brand new caterer this year! Sol Food Holistic Catering from Kaslo. Fresh, vibrant, colourful and wholesome meals to energize and nourish our bodies will be on the menu. 


It is strongly encouraged to pre-order all your meals now and save money & time.  

Vegan and gluten-free options are available. 

Please let us know about any dietary requirements or allergies.


You can order as many meals as you like before the event to receive a discount. 

By pre-ordering your meals, you will receive meal ticket(s)* when you pick up your wristband at the entrance. 

*The KYF Holistic Meal tickets are only available for lunch and dinner during the festival. 

Being raised in a family and culture that is highly centred around food, experiencing delicious meals and diverse flavours has been a primary focus in Raya’s life from a very young age. Her curiosity for the ways we fuel ourselves and love for all things edible led her to study nutritional sciences in university, which gifted her a better understanding and appreciation for how our bodies respond to things we put into them. This was the beginning of her journey towards holistic health and understanding more fully the importance of a whole foods diet in one’s life. Her path since has revolved mainly around feeding those around her with wholesome, healthful, and vibrant nourishment- focusing on simple, fresh, clean ingredients packed with loads of flavour. Her goal is for your plates to be beautiful, your bellies to be happy, and your soul to feel nourished from the inside out. She expresses her love through the food she creates and is beyond excited to be showing up to KYF as Sol Food Holistic Catering to fuel you all with love.

Want more? During the festival drinks & energy, balls will be available to purchase. 
We only accept cash as a form of payment. 

Important: Please Bring Your Cutlery, Mug, and Water Bottle for the Environment.

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