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Trevor Scott

Trevor Scott

Trevor Nugent-Smith aka Trevor Scott is a renowned percussionist with over 20 years of experience performing and teaching. He can be found playing all sorts of world percussion instruments, including the enchanting handpan, but his main arsenal includes Latin, West African and Middle Eastern hand drums. Trevor plays with various groups and projects, from ambient yoga music, to samba, latin and funk bands. But he really loves to get the dance floors moving alongside DJs with his infectious rhythms and keen ability to improvise.

Instagram: @clevahtrevah

Hand Drumming Workshop & Harmonic Flow: Yang/Yin & Dance Journey into your Authentic Self

Hand Drumming Workshop: Trevor will guide you through an experience of rhythm, connection and community in a fun and uplifting drum workshop. We will begin with some basic technique and rhythm patterns and build upon them as a foundation for our own creative expressions. Throughout the workshop we will be using an oral tradition to say what we play and embody the rhythms. This class is open to all levels and can be adapted to meet the needs of the participants. Some Djembe drums provided but bring your own if you have one.

Harmonic Flow: Yang/Yin: Immerse yourself in a deep practice with the hypnotic sounds of Luminous Echoes, a collaboration between Blutopia and Trevor Scott that brings you electronic melodies, textures and beats with live guitar, handpan and percussion. Along with the musicians, Lisa Cyr will guide you through a deep and invigorating Yang/Yin flow that dynamically responds to the music and collective energy of the room. The invitation is for you to connect to your authentic flow state, where movement merges with sound. Come lose yourself and find yourself in the live soundscape and deeply embodying practice.

Dance Journey into your Authentic Self: This will be an exploration into authentic expression through a moving meditation of dance, inspired by a multi-genre DJ journey by Elkemist with live instrumentation by Trevor Scott and Dave Kikosewin-Holden. With no dance experience necessary or set steps to follow, the goal of this journey is to become completely embodied to allow the innate wisdom of your body to guide you, revealing the raw truth of your inner world to be expressed, released, and healed in a safe container of trust and flow.

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