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Tonya Don

Tonya Don

Culturally, our biological impulses are shamed, and we are taught to value others’ needs before our own. My passion is guiding others into discovering and living their true and authentic expression. Exploring the wisdom of Tantra and Taoism has been an integral part of my growth. I feel the power of my breath, the release in my sounding, and the energy in my body as I move.

The intention of my work is to bridge the gap between the masculine and feminine. I desire to restore humans’ innate capacity to feel pleasure in every cell of their body and their ability to harness this energy. Through somatic embodiment practices, meditations, and breathwork, I assist clients in understanding their conditioning and to integrate direct or indirect trauma. These processes can facilitate a lighter and more energetic self to emerge. I believe that when the relationship to self is rooted in love and compassion, we will attract the life that we are craving.


Sexual Healing & Sacred Sexuality

Sexual Healing: The bedroom can be a place to experience ecstatic bliss, and also a place to heal our deepest wounds. Unexpected emotions like anger, shame, or fear may surface and they are NORMAL. They are coming up because your body is ready to heal them. You have the power to choose what you do with these feelings and can find the courage to express how you truly feel.

Sacred Sexuality: Expand what intimacy is to you! Explore what you want and learn how to ask for it. How we communicate and relate to ourselves influences how we show up in Sex, Love and Relationships. Come learn holistic sex tools to help you cultivate the sexual experience you are craving

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