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Shelley Tomelin

Shelley Tomelin

I'm Shelley, I am a woman reclaiming myself on all levels.

I am an Energy Healer, Usui Reiki Teacher, Soul Reader and Life & Soul Purpose Guide..
I bring over 11+ years of experience with deep wisdom, intuitive insight and grounded presence.
I have developed my own style of Reiki, called Somatic Reiki, as I saw amazing shifts when I combined Somatic practices with the Life Force healings.

Today, I work with folks, who want to reclaim & connect back to themselves, the light within, hold more personal power and walk with their powerful essence. After forgetting who they are after life's experiences of shock, trauma, injury, addictions, relationships and working for institutions that have enslaved our Souls.
I can be found running on the Rail Trails, camping, creating a sustainable business and deepening my connection with myself & the Divine and my favourite people.


Reclaiming Our Selves Meditation Journey

Join me in the meditation journey as we reclaim all parts, aspects, expressions & essences of our Selves back home to our Self.

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