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Rāj Chahāl

Rāj Chahāl

Rāj is a passionate advocate for the intersection of money, mindfulness, and personal growth. As a holistic accountant and spiritual practitioner, Rāj brings a unique perspective to the realm of finance, helping individuals find harmony between their financial goals and inner well-being.

With a deep understanding of ancient philosophies such as Karma and the wisdom of Yoga, Rāj guides individuals on a transformative journey to unveil the profound connection between Karma, Money, and Mindfulness, ultimately moving towards inner peace.

IG: @yogwithraj / @raja-accounting

Unveiling Karma: Connecting Money and Mindfulness & Intro to Yoga Philosophy

Unveiling Karma: Connecting Money and Mindfulness : Explore the intricate relationship between money and mindfulness in this enlightening talk on Karma and its impact on finances. Participants will examine beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding money and financial decisions, unraveling the ancient Indian philosophy of Karma that shapes our destiny and well-being. Gain practical techniques for cultivating awareness in financial choices, conscious spending, and aligning values with financial goals. Discover a transformative journey towards empowered choices, fostering a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with money and inner peace.

Intro to Yoga Philosophy: Are you interested in taking your practice beyond the mat toward a deeper understanding of the Mind? Join Stacey & Rāj of Nelson School of Yoga in a discussion into the fundamentals of Philosophy and integrate Yoga’s core values into your daily life.

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