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Owen Nakamura

Owen Nakamura

Owen is a Master Gardener who is dedicated to improving the well being of our community through sharing wisdom within organic regenerative growing. His practices are based on using recycled materials to better the environment within each garden, using little to no waste. He encourages the growth of microbial ecosystems within organic compost and high grade garden soil resulting in a healthy regenerative garden which is easy to maintain as well being affordable to sustain. He is passionate about community building and sharing knowledge in sustainable growing practices. Owen is committed to sharing his knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn in order for communities to thrive and become more self-sustainable.

IG: @thegrandgardener

Natural Dyes For a Colourful Future & Regenerative Gardening within Rural and Urban Environments

Natural Dyes For a Colourful Future: Learn how you can take everyday household ingredients to make non toxic, environmentally friendly dye’s to brighten up your life and the clothing you wear with the peace of mind of knowing that you are contributing to a more colorful future. Feel free to bring anything white to dye, otherwise various fabrics will be provided.

Regenerative Gardening within Rural and Urban Environments: Learn the importance of regenerative gardening/ the difference between traditional agriculture and regenerative farming, the impact it has and various methods of growing from rural environments that can be adapted to suit your needs within a smaller urban environments.

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