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Onasis Lama

Onasis Lama

Onasis has a background in visual arts and has spent time practicing disciplines such as Permaculture, Psychotherapy, Kung fu, Reiki & more. During the last decade, he has been sharing workshops and various regenerative activities to support the restoration of earth's natural ecosystems and the caring of the elementals; water, earth, fire, wind, space.

He has collaborated in ecological reserves, community centers and holistic retreats which has allowed him to travel through Mexico, Central America, North America and Australia. These travels have blessed him with the opportunity to meet and share with the different indigenous cultures, philosophies, religions, and customs of each region.

Across this journey he has learned how to be in service and put into practice the values of ancestral education to care for, clean and regenerate life on earth through conscious actions!

IG : @onasislama

Sensory Meditation with Alison Evin

We invite you to immerse yourself in this sensory experience to expand and sensitize your body, mind & soul! With the inhibition of sight, you will learn how to connect on a deeper level with your use of smell, touch, taste and hearing. You will be guided through a pleasurable interaction with different sounds, textures, essences, flavors and colors, all from Mother Earth!

This will allow you to perceive the elementals of nature in different contrasts and be fully present with yourself and your surrounding environment. You will leave this experience feeling reawakened and more in tune with your vital essence which feeds us back with well-being and gratitude.

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