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Lisa Cyr

Lisa Cyr

Lisa is a passionate yoga teacher who discovered the transformative power of yoga in 2004 while rehabilitating a spinal injury and rebuilding core strength. Beyond the physical aspect of asana, she was captivated by breathwork, sound, and mantra. As her practice deepened over the years, Lisa realized that yoga offers profound connections with oneself and others, serving as a gateway for exploration, self-discovery, playfulness, and personal growth.

Since 2011, Lisa has been sharing her love for yoga as a teacher. On the mat, she infuses classes with adventure, curiosity, and a seamless integration of invigorating asana, breathwork, sound, and self-exploration.

Originally from Calgary, Lisa has traversed the globe, immersing herself in different cultures. Currently residing in Revelstoke with her daughter, she teaches weekly classes there. Lisa's training includes a 200-hour program with Gayatri and Meghan Currie, as well as 300-hour programs with Gayatri and Danielle Pechie, specializing in Critical Alignment and Yoga Therapy. She has also pursued training in Acutonics and received vocal training throughout her journey.

IG @borderlys

Harmonic Flow: Yang/Yin

Immerse yourself in a deep yoga practice with a live, hypnotic soundscape. Along with live musicians, Lisa Cyr will guide you through a deep and invigorating Yang/Yin flow that dynamically responds to the music and collective energy of the room. The musical collaboration between Dave Kikosewin-Holden and Trevor Scott will bring electronic textures and beats with live guitar, handpan and percussion. The invitation is for you to connect to your authentic flow state, where movement merges with sound. Come lose yourself and find yourself in the live sounds and deeply embodying practice.

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