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Leah Carnahan

Leah Carnahan

Leah Carnahan has enjoyed yoga for over 35 years. She lived and breathed yoga in the Indian Himalayas studying for a decade at the International Meditation Institute. Moving to the Kootenay Boundary in 2000, she has facilitated yoga classes and workshop for the last 20 years. She aims to help people feel connected through Yoga, Somatics, Meditation, Philosophy, Breathwork & Intentions. Leah also enjoys travelling and has taught at many events and festivals around the world. Including last year's KYF 2022! Her heartfelt classes are best described as welcoming, inspiring, safe, playful, grounding and peaceful. Leah feels that a balance of movement and stillness together bring a natural inspiration to every moment. She encourages those around her to listen to their inmost voice and make the yoga they practice their own style. She feels that loving acceptance of the moment as it is and of yourself as you are, allows for the most rewarding practice.

IG: @lmcyoga

The Art of Walking

Somatic Walking Exercises Walking is a movement that many of us take for granted. However, the way you walk can lead to diminished knee, hip and lower back mobility. Have you ever watched people walk? Why do some people love walking? Why is walking uncomfortable for some people? At what point do we start to walk like an “old person”?

During this workshop we will break down each movement that contributes to a healthy well-oiled comfortable walk. You will walk away from this workshop feeling a profound sense of discovery about something you thought you already understood! We will learn to free our hips and use them as intended to absorb shock and keep our bodies flexible.

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