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Jennifer Lebedoff

Jennifer Lebedoff

Hi, I am Jen. I am not sure if I fit into an “about me” box. Do I compartmentalize my life into neat and tidy bullets, while the reality is a mixture of messy and successful, gutturally painful and brilliantly joyful? My story is that I turned to yoga as a healing system to recover from substance use, perfectionism, self deprecation, anxiety and ADHD. I was determined to create a beautiful life that I did not have to medicate myself from. I am not a healer, rather I bring people together to tell their stories, practice all eight limbs of yoga and create their own patchwork that makes their version of their most beautiful lives.
In addition to teaching in treatment centres and a CMHA youth housing facility, I host a weekly yoga and sharing space for Women in recovery (from anything) at my home studio, The Elder Flower in the Slocan Valley. I am passionate about Bhakti Yoga, the Path of Devotion. I incorporate chanting and the harmonium in my most beautiful life. Maybe you’ll find a place for it in yours.

IG: @elderfloweryoga

Exploring Your Wilderness: Yoga for Recovery & Bhakti Yoga, The Story Inside

Exploring Your Wilderness: Yoga for Recovery: Everyone is welcome to explore their inner landscape as Jennifer facilitates a trauma informed class focused on using yoga as a healing system for substance use and addiction, mental health challenges, grief, and more. Many of the eight limbs of yoga will be incorporated, and some live music and harmonium too. After practice, we will engage in voluntary conversation where participants can share their experiences. Listening is welcome. All students will come away with a printed guide with suggestions on how we can create trauma informed classes, communities, and workplaces. You do not have to be in recovery to participate in this session.

Bhakti Yoga, The Story Inside: Today we often think of “myth” to mean “fake”. In a time before time, myth added depth, colour, beauty and philosophical framework to life. Walk the path of devotion as story, movement, song and breath are woven together as we explore ourselves using archetypes found in yogic story. You will leave with a copy of the chants we will explore as well as access to a recording of them so they can live in your practice every day.

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