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Jase Aether / Elkemist

Jase Aether / Elkemist

As a multi-instrumentalist/DJ and an active member, organiser and facilitator in the Nelson and Melbourne conscious dance scenes, Jase Aether (Elkemist) first started curating sound journeys a few years ago, weaving together elements of the organic and electronic – downtempo, bass, medicine music and world flavours with tribal rhythms. Punctuated by live instrumentation to support a full sound exploration, the goal of his sets is to encourage the wisdom and guidance of the body to be expressed, supported and released.

Beyond playing dance journeys, he has also been co-creating community ceremonial gatherings and playing hybrid live sets at intentional festivals around Canada and Australia with the goal of cultivating connection, collaboration and healing for our ever expanding community.

Driven by a desire to co-create space for authentic expression, Jase Aether has been holding Circles for the past few years in a container of his own creation. Focusing on the sharing aspect of Circle work, this process empowers participants to learn about and experience empathetic listening, radical presence and how to hold space for others.

IG @jase_aether

Introduction to Circling & Dance Journey into your Authentic Self

Introduction to Circling: Circle work is an interpersonal process of authentic sharing, empathetic listening and meditative presence. Participation is encouraged but not mandatory and after a container of trust is established, participants are encouraged to share what is real and alive for them. This process often provides an experience of healing for all who are in the Circle through an opportunity to be seen, heard and held by a community.

Dance Journey into your Authentic Self : This will be an exploration into authentic expression through a moving meditation of dance, inspired by a multi-genre DJ journey by Elkemist with live instrumentation by Trevor Scott and Dave Kikosewin-Holden. With no dance experience necessary or set steps to follow, the goal of this journey is to become completely embodied to allow the innate wisdom of your body to guide you, revealing the raw truth of your inner world to be expressed, released, and healed in a safe container of trust and flow.

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