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Florence Gérin Beaulac

Florence Gérin Beaulac

Florence is a devotee of the sacred Feminine. Throughout her entire life, she has been in close contact with the unseen world. Interacting exclusively by intuition in her first years, later on, she has been trained as a Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, an Atlantis medicine worker and an ICU teacher. Florence is the founder and owner of Vibrational Flow. This organization offers hands-on energy healing, programs to guide children and adults to expand their consciousness, rituals to honour the Divine Feminine in nature and workshops to tie in the tiniest details of her magic. In her spare time, she loves to be in nature, go swimming, harvest and learn about plants and share moments with her family, friends and loved ones.


Sacred Elements Ritual

This ritual is dedicated for everyone who wants to create, enhance or maintain a sacred relationship with Mother Nature. It has been formulated for each soul believing that showing humility towards life will ultimately heal us and everything around us and elevate our vibration as a species. Together, we will be bringing back the balance between all the children of our original Mother and herself in a ritual matter. The connection, the acknowledgment and the respect regarding the sacred elements of Gaia will save us.

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