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Erin Thomson

Erin Thomson

Ever since Erin came to the town of Nelson over 23 years ago, she has dove deep in the transformative power of dance through eclectic world music, the electronic music scene, circus arts, as well as ecstatic dance. Erin is now a facilitator of Burlesque dance movement and healing embodiment classes . Erin has been facilitating dance events and classes for over 15 years and has studied and travelled many parts of the globe to study the transformative arts including earth based healing practices. Erin is a multidisciplinary performing artist, as burlesque, wearable art, and sacred safe space holding are her current outlets, and feels it is her mission to share in celebrational and transformative spaces so others may also feel the same.

IG @Erinitaheartout / @Mz.iris_wilde

Awaken The Wild Within

Nourish your body, heart, and spirit as you activate your eros (primal life force) in this transformative healing arts workshop. Through the expressive arts of dance, breath work, intention, and play, connecting with inner wilderness and animistic embodiment within a sacred and healing space. Activate the coiled serpent within and align with your erotic, exalted, and embodied soul for personal and planetary transformation!

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