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Emma Cardinal

Emma Cardinal

Healer, seer, earth woman — Emma creates connection through the phases of the moon, the seasons, emotion, plants, & prayer. Guiding her community on the path of soul healing & earth alignment, she opens the heart to the path of sacred remembrance.

Instagram : @healingbyemma

Walking The Circle

An ancient healing practice that brings us into greater harmony with all of creation. The Circle, a sacred symbol that represents our journey through life, cycles, the seasons, birth, life, death, & the elements. We begin by gathering in a sacred circle and receive a teaching on the cyclical medicine of the seasons & share our individual intentions. We will then enter into a light meditation, opening up to the sacred circle in prayer. We rise together and, with guidance, walk the circle’s edge that surrounds us, moving through each season, receiving insight & wisdom for our individual intentions bringing healing & returning to wholeness.

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