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Eleanor Bruce


Eleanor Bruce aka Brucevision, is a multi-faceted artist who has been creating for over 20 years. She creates worlds reminiscent of acid trips and lucid dreams. Her work is inspired by the natural world and often features intricate designs, taking influence from our oceans, the mountains and animals. While painting she explores the use of black light paint, which creates a unique and mesmerizing effect. Eleanor is also a skilled digital artist. She uses her knowledge of digital tools and techniques to produce fantasy worlds from real life photographs for us all to get lost in. For the last 5 months Eleanor has been working as a tattoo apprentice. She is working hard to develop her skills and techniques. Eleanor is committed to providing her clients with high-quality tattoos that are both beautiful and meaningful. She is extremely passionate about creating custom designs and enjoys the challenge of bringing clients’ ideas to life. Overall, Eleanor is a passionate and versatile artist who is always looking for new ways to express herself creatively. Whether she’s working with black light paint, tattooing, or digital art, she brings a unique perspective and a high level of skill to everything she does.
IG: @brucevision_art


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