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Dave Kikosewin-Holden

Dave Kikosewin-Holden

Dave is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer with many years of experience as both a performer and a writer. He has a particular interest in music as a healing form, weaving a rich tapestry of music and sound using both live acoustic and digital instruments. Exploring melody, texture and isochronic tones to bring calm and cultivate deep relaxation through brainwave entrainment.

IG: @blutopia

Harmonic Flow: Yang / Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Sound Journey & Dance Journey into your Authentic Self

Harmonic Flow: Yang / Yin Yoga: Immerse yourself in a deep practice with the hypnotic sounds of Luminous Echoes, a collaboration between Blutopia and Trevor Scott that brings you electronic melodies, textures and beats with live guitar, handpan and percussion. Along with the musicians, Lisa Cyr will guide you through a deep and invigorating Yang/Yin flow that dynamically responds to the music and collective energy of the room. The invitation is for you to connect to your authentic flow state, where movement merges with sound. Come lose yourself and find yourself in the live soundscape and deeply embodying practice.

Yoga Nidra & Sound Journey: You are invited to join us in savasana for a deep, relaxing yoga nidra sound ceremony. This is an opportunity to access your raw authenticity and cultivate a sense of deep peace. There will be both live acoustic [guitar, harp, flute and chimes] and digital instruments weaving a rich tapestry of music and sound. We’ll be exploring melody, isochronic tones for brainwave entrainment and the majesty of the gong.

Dance Journey into your Authentic Self: This will be an exploration into authentic expression through a moving meditation of dance, inspired by a multi-genre DJ journey by Elkemist with live instrumentation by Trevor Scott and Dave Kikosewin-Holden. With no dance experience necessary or set steps to follow, the goal of this journey is to become completely embodied to allow the innate wisdom of your body to guide you, revealing the raw truth of your inner world to be expressed, released, and healed in a safe container of trust and flow.

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