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Cheryl Cook

Cheryl Cook

Cheryl Cook is an off grid collaborator, writer, herbalist, educator and artist. Extroverted hermit. Mother. Maker. Good witch, land steward. As a settler on unceded Sinixt tum-ula7xw, Cheryl is commited to continually learning better practices of being in right relationship with this land, the plants and all the other beings we share it with.

IG: @eriewilds
Twitter: @eriewilds

Cultivating Relationship with Green People & Moving Beyond Performative Allyship

Cultivating Relationship with Green People: What does it mean to be in-right relationship with plants? Join herbalist Cheryl Cook for a meditative walk and discussion around cultivating relationships with the green people. We will slow down, observe and explore relationships with trees of the Sinixt tum-ula7xw as well as ways we can utilize and cultivate medicinal plants in our residential landscapes to reduce wild harvesting pressure on the landscape. There are so many helpful plant friends just outside our doors! This plant walk is offered to the guests of the Kootenay Yoga Festival with the permission of Sinixt Matriarch Marylin James.

Moving Beyond Performative Allyship: Join writer and herbalist Cheryl Cook to discuss what showing up in right relationship as a settler on unceded Sinixt land means to her. We will discuss the importance of, and ways to include and center Indigenous voices within artistic practices, land based businesses, health and wellness industry, workshops and events. This will be an intimate and vulnerable discussion with room for questions, providing a safe and confidential space for participants to move outside of their comfort zones, please plan to attend the entire workshop. This workshop is being offered to the guests of the Kootenay Yoga Festival with the permission of Sinixt Matriarch Marilyn James.

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