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Carolyn Wall

Carolyn Wall

Meet Carolyn. A fun loving musician devoted to the healing journey through authentic expression and sound. Carolyn discovered the power of voice and music as a healing balm to help move her through an unexpected physical injury. She’s followed a meandering path working as a dietician, a canoe expedition leader, medicine song musician and a world nomad. A lover of adventure and connection, Carolyn offers a sacred space to laugh and play in and remember not to take it all too seriously!


Vocal Alchemy

Open up to the sounds of your authentic expression. Using a playful and holistic approach, we will tap into the voice with a grounding practice, body movement, improvising sound and singing. Carolyn will also offer a medicine flute song to close the circle of sound. Come join the fun and deepen your connection to your voice and others in this authentic safe space.

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