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Avery Florence

Avery Florence

Avery Florence is a soft-soul artist whose talent as a songwriter is matched with her angelic yet gritty voice, and undeniable personality - soulful & inspiring. Her voice has been compared to "a hug", and her melodies "spellbinding."

Avery is half of the newborn fantasy R&B duo, Flõstate. Most recently, Avery produced Wake Up!, a grass-roots musical tour across Canada bringing together communities to inspire environmental activism.

IG: @averyflorencemusic ;

Inclusive Concert

Avery will be singing mostly originals and some covers under the umbrella theme of raw authenticity. People are encouraged to bring along their instrument (whether its a drum, their voice etc) and accompany the intimate set.

Live Music For Deep Relaxation Journey: Unlock the potential of your subconscious mind and let your imagination be the guide. Journey through the elements, develop your intuition and uncover raw authenticity that comes from listening to the wisdom that comes from deep within. Gentle suggestions, inspired by hypnotherapy principles, will lead you through a guided visualization enhanced by the vibration of chimes, bowls and different vibrations/sounds... With eyes open or closed, you’ll be free to choose your own adventure… all within the safety and comfort of a cozy container. With the space to integrate and share your story afterwards. [indoors or outdoors - pillow cuddle puddle vibes]

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