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Andrea Fox

Andrea Fox

Real, raw, kootenay authenticity. Fox spends a lot of time in the mountains and with the trees. Listening and diving deep into the understanding of what it means to become whole - within oneself, with others, and with nature.

As an outdoor educator, nature-based therapist and wilderness guide, Fox brings curiosity and play to every exploration. Grounded, while allowing flow, they share and integrate different practices that stem from their professional studies, personal experiences, and whatever might emerge in the moment as a synchronistic opportunity.

Join in on the next adventure... With the invitation to tune-in, get loose, and recharge while pushing beyond self-imposed judgments and limiting beliefs. Follow the lead of these Elemental Journeys, for a guided visualization, a short wander in nearby-nature, or an immersive experience in the backcountry.

IG @foxfortheforest / @Elemental_Journeys

Forest Flow & Deep Relaxation Journey

Forest Flow : Let play and curiosity open you up to the magic of the forest. Sit with the trees, listen to the whispers of the wind, ignite your passion with fire, and offer gratitude to water and all of life. Return to the basics of what it means to live as part of a community of humans and more-than-human beings. Come wander for a while… with no expectations or end goal in mind. See what arises, what captures your imagination. With a free flow and a variety of nature connection practices including “sit spot”, sensory awareness games, primal skills, storytelling, and more! [60 to 90 minutes - outdoors]

Deep Relaxation Journey : Unlock the potential of your subconscious mind and let your imagination be the guide. Journey through the elements, develop your intuition and uncover raw authenticity that comes from listening to the wisdom that comes from deep within. Gentle suggestions, inspired by hypnotherapy principles, will lead you through a guided visualization enhanced by the vibration of chimes, bowls and different vibrations/sounds... With eyes open or closed, you’ll be free to choose your own adventure… all within the safety and comfort of a cozy container. With the space to integrate and share your story afterwards. [indoors or outdoors - pillow cuddle puddle vibes]

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