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Amber Tree

Amber Tree

Amber Tree creates spaces to practice ritual and community building, through honest and inclusive containers. Amber’s primary intention is to help strengthen and build a love centred community and bring ceremony back into daily life. Amber does this through dance, ceremonial events and workshops. The intent is to honour ancient traditions, listen to our inner intuitions, practice mutual support, honesty, and vulnerability. All in the theme of creating positive change through fun, and joy; grounded in love.

IG: @amberrosetree

Magic and Ritual for the Modern Mystic & Community building through the eyes, heart and mind

Magic and Ritual for the Modern Mystic: Magic and ritual has been practised for generations and yet in the modern age it seems to have fallen out of daily life for many people. I believe this to be a great loss and my intention is to help remind people why ceremony is so valuable and can enhance our lives in many ways. I also want to help people remember how easy it is, as our intuition can be our guide. Bringing lessons from our ancestors can help us to develop these skills and connect deeper with ourselves and nature.

Community building through the eyes, heart and mind: How can we break down our resistance to human connection and vulnerability? How can we build a stronger, more honest community? What would it feel like to be truly seen? This is an opportunity to connect deeply with self and others through practices such as eye-gazing, communication, heart connection, and vulnerability.

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