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Alison Evin

Alison Evin

Alison Evin is an Ayurvedic practitioner & health coach with a focus on helping busy professionals fight chronic fatigue using herbal medicine, healthy food and holistic lifestyle habits. She completed her training in India and gained certifications in Ayurveda, yoga, massage & Reiki healing. She divides her time between the West Kootenays working behind the scenes on the annual Kootenay Yoga Festival and Central America where she collaborates on holistic wellness retreats and continues to deepen her own knowledge around herbalism, mycology, permaculture & bio-construction.

IG: @alison.atmanahealing

Discover your Authentic Needs Through Ayurveda

In this informative discussion you will learn about the origins of Ayurvedic medicine and how it is used as a holistic healing system. We will discuss the Tri-Doshas and determine the characteristics of our dominating body type. You will walk away with a general understanding of what your authentic individual needs are for optimal wellbeing.

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