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Emma Cardinal

Meet Emma Cardinal, a healer, seer, & teacher of the whole-istic mystical healing arts. She guides people on integrative journeys of sacred remembrance, soul healing, & earth alignment. The foundation of her work is the knowing that everyone is their own greatest healer. Having studied (& been certified) in over 40 alternative healing & spiritual metaphysical modalities, the work she does is truly whole-istic. 

For the past 6 years, Emma has been guiding women on the path of healing to reconnect to their magic & find their medicine.

Her work is anchored in the interconnectedness of all things & that healing is most often found hidden within the cyclical nature of life, the elements, the stars, the moon, & Mother Earth, in all of her forms.

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Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Healing With The Chakras

An aromatherapy chakra journey to activate your Inner Healer. 


This guided meditation journey will be complete with chakra sprays to activate each energy centre, as well as Tao Blessings to heal & align the soul of each chakra. Receive healing messages from each energy centre, & walk away empowered, knowing that the wisdom you need to heal lies within you. 


As it is common to have transformational messages come through, it is highly recommended that you bring your journal to write down any a-ha moments or profound insights.

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