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Christina Yahn

Christina Yahn is a mother of two beautiful children who inspire her passions of traditional parenting and sustainable agriculture. 


Christina has spent over a decade working with Honeybees. 

And facilitating traditional, holistic and sustainable beekeeping workshops.


She was Vice President of the Canadian Apitherapy Association, The regional representative for the BC Honey producers Association, founded the Maui Honeybee sanctuary and The White Pine Mountain Apiary.


 Christina completed the Kihew Awasis Wakamik (Indigenous Birth Alberta) 13 moons Indigenous Birth mentorship. She now offers service's as a traditional doula.


As a Nehiyaw (Cree) Otipemisiwak (Metis) Women with mixed ancestry reviving our indigenous teachings and traditions is a way to bring healing and connection to our communities

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offerings
Indigenous Parenting & Traditional Birthing

Our indigenous ancestors and elders teach us that children are gifts from creator on loan to us. Children are the centre of our kinship systems.Our parent child relationships are based on mutual respect and trust. Many of our traditional ways of birthing and child rearing are now being backed by psychology or clinical research in early childhood development. baby wearing, Co sleeping,land based teachings etc are all traditional ways in which we raised children. In this talk learn about indigenous teachings on pregnancy, birth and parenting. This will be facilitated in a traditional circle.

Holistic Beekeeping

Beekeeping is an ancient practice from many cultures around the planet.  The traditional ways of Beekeeping were done with great respect and admiration towards the bees. With the industrialization of agriculture and Beekeeping many of these respectful ways were lost and the bees have shown us that we need to make changes in agricultural and apicultural sustainability. Learn about Holistic beekeeping, medicinal uses of bee products (Apitherapy) and cosmetic uses of bee products (Api cosmetics). Learn how you can create pollinator habitats in your yard and community. 

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