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Cheryl Cook

Cheryl Cook is a writer, artist and herbalist, living off grid in unceded Sinixt territory.  Extroverted hermit and bush nerd.  Mother, maker, collaborator.  

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Plants Outside Your Door

This plant ramble explores common plants in the traditional territory of the Sinixt.  Sinixt tum-ula7xw hosts a mind boggling diverse array of biodiversity.  Many different plants thrive in this unique eco-system, with fragile native plants living alongside robust introduced species.  Learn some principles of ethical wild harvesting and the importance of cultivation.  We will talk about a few native plants that can sustain being selectively harvested and locally abundant weeds that can be used for food and medicine.  75 min talk & walk outside of the Vallican Whole, please bring water and dress for the weather!

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