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Brandon Malone

Brandon contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience with psychedelic medicines that extend far beyond the classic compounds. His passion for working with psychedelics began in his early teens, and his initial work centred around DMT extraction. Brandon recently transitioned into the cultivation of organic Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. He has honed his techniques to consistently grow high-quality medicine with a focus on rare and exotic varieties that contain unique alkaloid profiles. Brandon believes that the resurgence of psychedelics in society is necessitated by The Universe’s desire to evolve, and that once we understand how to best work with these tools and have the courage to face our fears, we can transcend the limitations of an outdated reality and move into the beautiful new paradigm that awaits us. 

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Healing & Evolving with Psychedelics with Dallas Ewanchuk

Come join us for an immersive hour in the world of psychedelics as we explore the intrinsic wisdom and evolutionary keys that these sacred compounds hold. This class will primarily be audience directed with a large Q&A section, as we aim to be of the highest service to those in our immediate vicinity. Bring a notepad, pen, and an open and curious mind and let us dive into the depths of The Universe together!

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