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Andrea Fox & Last Stand West Kootenay

Fox is an outdoor guide and educator as well as an activist for Last Stand West Kootenay, a grassroot organization seeking to protect the last remaining old growth in BC’s Interior.


Through their travels and studies they have developed a special interest around the intersection of ecology, psychology, nature therapy, coyote mentoring and indigenous teachings.


On any given day you will see them here and there blazing their own trail, hiking in nature, promoting important environmental causes, or contributing to off-grid land co-ops in the mountains. Their most recent project “Elemental Journeys”, specializes in leading drum circles, meditation journeys, forest bathing adventures, youth programs and all ages wilderness expeditions around Nelson, BC and surrounding wildscapes. 

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Drum Circle - Community, Activism and Nature Connection

Join us for some drumming, songs and stories from the frontlines of Fairy Creek, Argenta Face, and other environmental protests close to home.


Discover how to transform ecological grief into meaningful action. Learn how laughter, play and community is integral in creating resilience. And how nature connection plays a role in remaining grounded and centred in the face of adversity.


Expect the workshop to be interactive. Opening with a sharing circle, followed by call-and-response songs, guided tree meditation and other embodiment practices.

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