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Amy Heasman

Amy was born & raised in East London, UK.  300hr Yoga Teacher, Self Empowerment Guide, Entrepreneur & Musician with over 15+ years of experience.

She now lives & plays amongst the natural beauty of the Kootenays, Canada. 

Yoga has expanded her entire belief system to enable her to show up with more compassion, humility, respect and most importantly laughter. Mindful & empowering practices provide us with tools to connect with and integrate the deeper layers of ourselves. With greater awareness comes presence, with presence comes intention and with intention comes the natural ability to align with our true intuitive guidance. Amy’s affinity with music has also evolved into her offerings. She believes sound & vocal vibrations have the capacity to heal the unheard parts of us. It builds clear communication,  removes stagnant energy & opens our energetic centres to call in more self-respect, authenticity & purpose. Amy is devoted to expressing her own light,  creativity, exploring nature and working on collaborative projects.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Embodied Flow Yoga W/ Elkemist

Embody, align & ground into your physical, emotional & energetic bodies during this 60minute flow-inspired class. Through an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatic movement, clearing breathwork, curated musical beats, vocal release & moment to moment awareness we will explore & connect to our own internal state of flow.  

With the support of our breath, music & the action of repetitive movement we will play between the duality of strength & softness, fluidity & stillness to gain a deeper understanding of the self with an emphasis on being guided towards your own unique alignment.

Some previous yoga experience is suggested but modifications will be given throughout to maintain a level of accessibility to all.

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