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Amber Wolf Moon

Amber Wolf Moon is a World-Wide Evolutionary Guide, Sacred Women's Circle & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Women's Empowerment Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Somatic Attachment Therapist for many across the globe dedicated to helping women (& men) remember their Power, Purpose and Awakening the collective from the robotic-mediocre lifestyle into an orgasmic life full of Pleasure, Celebration and Embracing the Light and Dark. After suffering from numerous early childhood traumas, Amber went on a quest to travel the world in finding her truth, purpose and healing gifts. Amber Wolf Moon shares her decade of experience being both a student and teacher with the transformational tools she has gathered from around the globe in her Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Women Circles, Healing Retreats, Online Women Self-Development Courses, Yoga Courses and 1-1 Womb Healing using Somatic Techniques. She is full-hearted devoted to Empowering and Activating Beings of all walks of life to help guide them into deeper embodiment, self-love and remembrance of their greatest truth.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
New Moon Women's Circle & Goddess Worship

Amber Wolf Moon will be holding a New Moon Women's Circle honouring the relationship we as women have from our womb's to the moon. We will be learning ways to celebrate our womb wisdom, our feminine nature and unite in sacred sisterhood under this moon phase in the astrological sign of Libra. Libra is 'The Scales' representing the Air Element, Beauty, Love, Relationships, Balance and Justice. We will be playing and working with those themes in a safe, loving circle where you will be welcomed in your wholeness and your truth. We will celebrate your authentic expression and invite you to rest in the heart of sisterhood. Goddess Worship is a transformational practice I only offer for special occasions where we will break out into trios and be held in a more intimate way. Expect: Grounding with the Land and your holy body, Heart Connection to yourself and the sisters in circle, Embodiment of your Divine Feminine essence and Goddess power, Remembrance of your truth and ancestral wisdom, and Attunement to your womb, cycles and Grandmother Moon. There will be integration options to continue deepening.

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