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Alyssia Perepelkin

Alyssia is a manifest generator in many ways. Always seeking the truth beneath the things we were told, and how we truly feel. Starting her journey in the medical field and learning about the body from the physical to the energetic. Knowing that touch is an energy transfer, and how to use intuition to seek deeper knowledge of the body through opening up the many layers physically and emotionally. 

The best healing tools both Joseph and Alyssia offer is to teach someone to breathe, stay hydrated, open up the body, and meditate. 


Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Biodynamic Breathwork & Non-surgical Bodywork

Biodynamic breathwork facilitated by Joseph Nillo, and talking about non-surgical bodywork with Alyssia Perepelkin. The breathwork will be a workshop setting allowing participants to be guided into a full biodynamic breathwork with integration after. Talking about the bodywork will be held for individuals to ask questions and be guided into a more in-depth look into their bodies and seeking truth beneath what they are feeling.

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