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Alexandra Smiley

Alexandra Smiley is a lifelong artist, lover of our earth, and avid explorer of life and consciousness. Passionate about humanity's inherent wisdom, she has guided meditation both online and in person for four years as a result of deep healing through meditative practice at the beginning of her journey. One of her callings is to share uplifting, spiritual reminders and symbolism, which she does through her online upcycled apparel and arts business as well as in her publication, the Ancient Memory Mini Magazine. Alexandra is passionate about skilled communication and the creation of safe spaces. She is working on using this towards a call for community-building circles that solidify strong communication and support systems in groups. She loves to share in the devotional and strengthening practice of traditional mantra chanting, and she is a part of facilitating a monthly Kirtan circle that happens in Ainsworth.

Kootenay Yoga Festival Offering
Kirtan Circle

We invite you to join us for Kirtan! As we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe, sound is a profound tool for releasing Samskaras, the scars on the mind which result from undigested life experiences. As undigested food is a main factor in physical disease, Samskaras are the main source of mental suffering. Mantra gradually softens these scar-patterns, rewriting our mental programming.

Join us, and experience the magic and mystery of Mantra. In our hour together we will dive deep into some easily remembered yet powerful mantras that you can use to center yourself at any time.

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